I don't know about you, but I always loved Mr. Potato Head®. But I also always had a problem with him: If you used the plastic head that came with the set, you were pretty much stuck with sticking your parts in their prescribed positions; that is, Mr. Potato Head's eyes went in the middle, with one nose underneath, and one mouth under that, and so on. There was some leeway, of course, but there were only so many holes to play with, unless your parents let you play with power tools. Maybe it was just me, but I found it kind of stifling.

This is something of a reaction to that. You can stick your pieces wherever you want. Of course, this is stifling in a new and different way; it's flat, for one thing, and you're trapped using the few pieces I've drawn. (I'd draw more, but I'm having palette difficulties I'm too lazy to overcome right now.) This is rather more like Colorforms than Mr. Potato Head.

Thanks go to Elvi Dalgaard for suggesting an eggplant for a head; Thomas Edmondson for voting for a Bob Dole head; and Mike Kuhn for asking for a ``Clear All'' button.

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Chris Rywalt
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